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“Life is a tale told by an idiot” when Shakespeare said this he certainly gave us all a little more perspective of life and it’s ways.
Life in its true essence is a tale, of drama, pain, agony of love, happiness and rejoicing and pen and paper put together in form narrate this tale, our tale.
Writing is becoming a lost art and reading has long been neglected. Have you ever seen an Eagle in its flight? Heard the running of the brook? Counted stars at night? Simply put Have you lived your life or are you just passing away like the passage of time? Reading makes you feel all these emotions you haven’t known, and see oceans you haven’t thought of. Words put together in a string like pearls on a necklace, tiny yet so beautiful and extraordinary, take you places, make you dance to a rhythm and feel the breeze of freedom.
Reading has lost its charm but reading and writing as a habit are extremely important and irreplaceable. We at Whitehouse City Library, Pilikothi, Haldwani hold the opinion that books change a person’s temperament for the better and we hope to effectively promote the culture where books serve as a more effective and reliable means of engaging in meaningful learning rather than the other New Age Alternatives.
We want to provide easily reachable reading resources to the people of the town. Education is not a privilege its everyone’s right, So our lisbrary shall be open to all and we hope it successfully leads to the revival of reading habits so our life doesn’t just fade away, so we don’t simply perish and stay inked in the minds of the generations to come. We believe in the magic of words and earnestly hope that through our efforts you will do to.

Our Collections

We at Whitehouse City Library cater to all age groups and are immensely delighted to provide reading resources to readers from all walks of life. We have a collection of 5,000 titles at present along with 10 Newsletters, 15 Magazines and 5 Journals. An assorted collection of books of various genres that you can choose from; our library aims to arouse the interest of the curious, provide information to the learner and guide the professional by means of an interesting and informative book collection. Any recommendations regarding the addition of books shall be welcomed. The library hopes to serve it’s citizens in the most sincere manner.

Fiction-When life becomes a monotony and your routine brings you only boredom, you can always read; books don’t just make you escape the gruesome reality of everyday life, they give wings to your thoughts, food to your imagination and the creativity that lies dormant inside of you finds a vent to come out in its full splendour, refreshing and sparkling like the spring water that wets and rejuvenates the drought stricken land of your heart.

Kids Section - Remember the tale of 'Hansel and Gretel', 'Rapunzel','Snow White' and 'Little Red Riding Hood'. These aren’t just tales but a pleasant way of learning and growing. When children hear these stories they become insightful, their curiosity awakens and they start thinking and questioning.

Indian Novels and Stories - Stories and Novel are the result of adding up of successive events and incidents that eventually culminate into a climax or a closure,and in the process of reading the reader is continually enthralled by the development of plot and action or rather the unfolding of the tale full of love and meaning, jealousy and tragedy. Lahiri’s grasping writing style, Arundhati Roy’s brilliant storytelling skills and Tagore’s soothing yet strong way of narrative, all seek your contemplation.

Novels (Foreign Writers) –Novels remind us instantly of 'Wuthering Heights' , 'Pride and Prejudice', 'David Copperfield', 'To kill a mockingbird'; years have gone by but the charm and genius of these memorable writings still impress upon the young and strike a chord somewhere beneath the dusty layers of a technology swamped mind; we encourage you to create an interest for reading and thereby slowly discover the treasures of living.

Biographies and Autobiographies – How all of us crave to know more about the lives and ideologies of the greatest and most powerful minds of all times? Our urge to know what moved and incited them, motivated and encouraged them, what they felt and thought of. These Biographies and Autobiographies are your path to these discoveries, your insight into the most genuine and true accounts of their life.

Coffee Table Books and Pictorial Books – Not very often in life too many words sound redundant and seem to be of no significance, it’s then that pictures and phrases open completely new avenues for imagination and help create a symphony of thoughts that celebrate the beauty of unwritten words which might fade but their essence lingers long after the thoughts cease. Come, let’s think for a while and not remember.

Hindi Literature – We have all grown up hearing the chronicle of Vivekanand’s life and it’s numerous significant events that unravel before us in the form of stories recorded in Hindi Literature. Similarly there are hundreds of other extremely engaging and meaningful books that will help you understand life in a better and different light. Poetry collections ranging from 'Madhushala 'to' Gitanjali' and Novels and Stories like 'Chandrakanta', 'Gaban' all are readily available to enhance your reading experience.

Art and Culture – Religious and Historical texts, celebrating our art and culture serve as a reminder of the great history that we are a product of. Our independence is the result of a century long struggle a by product of various cultural and political movements that are commemorated in these collections of Art and Culture books. These will widen your understanding of not just the history that brought us freedom but also the Art, Culture and Tradition that constitute our strong roots and values. These readings add a hue of colours to our otherwise dull life, enlightening it and showing us our culture in a different and genuine light.

Theology – Books and texts pertaining to Theology throwing light on the less thought of aspects of Religion and Tradition enhance our understanding of the religion that we so easily practice and preach without the actual knowledge if it. Theological texts provide essential information, to help us contemplate, ask question, seek answers and thus learn about the spirituality of Religion.

Comics(Hindi and English) – How we all recollect the good old stories of 'Captain America', 'Wolverine','Nandan' , 'Champaks'and others comic reads. We have them all available for you . Invite your children to learn about such fictional characters that will stay with them their whole life and will teach them lessons which they will find nowhere but in these pages inked with stories that have a motive.

Motivational Books – When written realising the true strength of words and their potential, a wonderful piece of prose art is created, words have such power and intensity that they can motivate any person to be better. Motivational and Spiritual books are an epitome of the magic and magnitude of words.'The Monk who sold his Ferrari ', 'The Alchemist' and many more want for, your time and thought.

Dictionaries and Thesaurus – For those of you who are inclined to study language and literature both and know the origin and meaning of the myriad words that constitute of our language today. We have organised a collection of a plethora of Dictionaries and Thesaurus serving this purpose,so you can understand the etymology and other details related to a certain word, it will also assist you enhance your vocabulary and strengthen your command in the language.

Encyclopaedia – We have a varied collection of Encyclopedia fitted to the needs and demands of changing paradigms of modern day that meet the new age quest for knowledge and thereby assist you in the process of learning in a alphabetical order and analytical manner.

Cookery: Cook books that will help you learn how to cook and encourage you to experiment with your normal, routine style of cooking are also available in a huge number.

Atlas and Maps- Geology and Geography Geeks, Earth Scientists, Rock Hobbyist can all gather and discover different shapes of rocks, learn of their developments read about the geography of earth. The students and teachers alike can learn more about the land and water of our world.

Music- Music is the soul of all life, Human emotions in the most raw and genuine form are reflected in music, a string of words wonderfully held together by the thread of music, embellished with feelings and thoughts that can come out so beautifully only in the verse form. Music gives all life meaning and significance and connect to the mind and heart of all, we welcome you to tap your feet to the rhythm of your heart and learn about music, the purest form of art.

English Language Teaching – The demand for English has been so overpowering in India that there is an urge among people to learn and speak the language, but hurdles pose in form of fee charges, time boundations in the Spoken English Classes. An easy and successful way of learning the language involves continous reading and we are happy to help you be a master of Spoken English.

Reference Books and Study Material – Education and Learning we believe is a right all of us are entitled to and should choose over anything else. We help provide study material such as books, reference books and practice books for CISCE and CBSE students comprising of NCERT as well as other books prescribed in your school syllabus. We have a corner dedicated to teachers and professors, where they can find books as per their understanding and needs.

Competitive Exam Preparation Material – An extremely challenging and domineering world that welcomes us to the realm of reality, requires us to be prepared for all the daunting exams we wish to clear. Lack of good direction and self help books poses as a massive threat to the potential of our youth and to cater to these needs and satiate their young brains we have many books that help prepare for various exams, such as, UPSC, JEE, NEET and henceforth.

Science & Technology) – Innumerable students prepare for Medical and Engineering, course examinations annually, we have books pertaining to their scope of syllabus that will help them prepare in a more organised and cohesive way, so they can excel in all fields and professions.

Health and Hygiene – With so many things to do and a large number of activities to be a part of, we very easily seem to forget the importance of health care and a hygienic lifestyle. Changing environments and polluted surroundings have an adverse effect on us and our families, we hope to inspire a healthy and better living style among the people of our society.

Newspapers and Magazines – An Express of daily information completely within your reach, to sharpen and polish your general awareness and current affairs. Various magazines will help you gain information regarding World and National Economy, Polity and other such subjects.

Our library hopes to serve the citizens of the city as per their requirements and needs any advice regarding the addition of books will be heartily welcome and immensely appreciated. Apart from the above mentioned collections we have many other books for you to discover for yourself and read at your leisure. This is a humble beginning that we wish will eventually culminate into the revival of a forgotten art.

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